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Dhurmus Suntali Foundation

Dhurmus Suntali

The name of two person Dhurmus and suntali came from famous Nepali comedy serial “Meri Bassai”. The actual the name of the icons is Sitaram Kattel “Dhrmus” and Kunjana Ghimire “Suntali”. They had started to play on Meribassai on 2006. Where they played lovers role for long time and then played as a husband and wife. On 2009 while playing husband and wife’s role they get married and become actual a husband and wife.The serial was going well until April 2015 and their life as well.During that Date they had given birth a beautiful daughter.

Sitaram Kattel (Dhurmus) “The earthquake was a humbling time for us as it made us take a moment and reflect on ourselves. If we had been selfish, it was a call to start being selfless. It was a teacher.” Kunjana Ghimire (Suntali) When we proposed the idea of an integrated settlement, we were surrounded by suspicion. The locals thought we had political agendas. But you can’t blame them as they had just lost their homes and land."

Eastablishment of Dhurmus Suntali Foundation

On 25 April 2015 a massive Earthquake of 7.8 magnetite hit in Nepal. Around 9,000 people died, more than 23,000 people injured seriously and more than 8,00,000 houses either fully of partly. Dhurmus and suntali were showing their comedy performance on USA on those days. When they heard the news about the disaster on media they quit the programme and returned to Nepal with the collected amount of money of Rs1,600,000/- and started the work of distribution of foods and other basic requirement for the victims. Then he thought for the involvement of reconstructions of the houses of poor people and started to collected the fund and prepare combine community living houses at Pahari Dada Kavre District. They prepare 20 houses for Pahari community. they established Dhurmus Suntali Foundation for the proper collection of the fund and proper visible expenditure on social work. On second projects they prepare houses for Earthquake victim Tamang community of Giranchaur on Sindupalchowk district.

Work Done by Foundation

After two days of Earthquake Dhurmus and Suntali returned from USA and started for helping victims. First they prepared 20 houses in Kavre District without organizing foundation. But after that Dhurmus planned to so social work by forming an organization and cropper coordination with Government, so they formed the Dhurmus Suntali Foundation and started to work through foundation. They prepared 66 houses in Giranachaur Sindupalchowk district for Tamang community as the first combined combine community houses through Foundation. Among 66 houses, 53 houses are handicap friendly and children friendly houses. After that foundation prepared 50 houses for poor community of Mushar at Mohattari district. While Dhurmus being worked the cleaning work and social awareness program at Terai Region He saw the poor community of Mushar living condition and he decided to prepare the houses for that community. On rainy seasons of the Year 2017 floods damage the area of Terai Region and some people died and so many families becomes homeless. Dhurmus himself gone to the field for the initial help of floods victims. Then he planned to prepared model combined community living houses for the 45 families on Santapur village of Rautahat district. The foundation prepared the houses for 280 populations of floods victims. All the houses prepared by the foundation are earthquake resistant. These three are the project completed and handed over for the community by the foundation.

Collections of Funds

While working for the social work, so many persons and organizations were connected either by financial or by other helping hands. From beginning Dhurmus and Suntali request all the people who could help for the reconstruction work through al around the world. At the first project Dhurmus decided to sell of his own living houses too because of lack of funds to prepare houses. Foundation planned all the transactions of the money for transparency to all the common people so they put each an every money transactions on their official website so we can see the collection of fund on the link. Now inside the foundation so many organizations are connected and organizing each an every transaction and completing the projects and tasks.

The expenditure for each projects

1. Pahari Basti Kavre Rs6,736,826/-

2. Giran Chaur Village, Sindhupalchowk Rs51,450,000/-

3. Mushar Basti Mohattari Rs50,400,000/-

4. Santapur Basti Rautahat Rs57,500,000/-

Now and Future

Government of Nepal had announced Dhurmus and Suntali as a cleaning ambassador. Now a days the foundation is running the cleaning and painting of Bir Hospital on the Request of hospital management and ministry of health authorities. They had estimated the work of around Rs.10,000,000/- for this they do not request of money on the public but some people are giving fund or providing equipment as donation without requested of the foundation. For this work other social worker as well as other social organization connected to complete the work.

Dhrmus Suntali had announced the Modal Nepal (Namuma Nepal) as the Upcomming Project. The foundation had estimated the cost of Rs. 5,000,000,000/- and they had started for the collection of funds. The model Nepal project is preparing for the improvements of tourism which will show Nepal as whole. In The Model Nepal, there will be the different communities who are living in Nepal. Tourist from different countries could see the whole community, whole cultures, the whole geographical places, whole communities if Nepal’s foods and clothes etc. The other project they had announced to prepared is International Cricket Stadium for which Government of Nepal will finance.


Views and Experiences of Dhurmus Suntali

Dhurmus and Suntali, who won the hearts of Nepali audiences through their comedian characters in a Nepali tele-serial Meri Bassai, decided to lend their helping hands in rebuilding the earthquake-flattened village in major earthquake in the country. Side by side, the Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation established by this generous couple got engaged in the construction of a community shelter in the country.

“It took less than a minute to level the entire country, so time is a crucial thing. It will take us years to recover what we have lost, and more to put it behind us and move on. But when we do, we will shine more than ever. The future we have seen is promising, and that has strengthened our will power to march on and face challenges as they come.”

“We cried with the people there. The elderlies had lost their children and the children had lost their childhood. The tragedy was utterly unbearable. Then again, they helped us help them. With each push and pull, we all put in sweat. This really did motivate us and rejuvenate our morale. In turn, it lightened the mood and we began to smile with the people there.”

President Biddha Devi Bhandari

“Dhurmus-Suntali have done the work which is normally done by the State. This is indeed an incomparable work,” the President said. She stressed that the government should make the optimum use of the means and resources available at its disposal given the great potentials the province has for development

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